Advanced Client Services

Certain Clients require more than a basic estate plan from their lawyer to address their lifestyle and estate planning needs.

For those Clients, Anderson Law Group, Inc. is pleased to offer our Advanced Client Services program, which includes a range of estate planning and lifestyle services, as outlined below. Each of the services listed may be tailored and implemented to meet a Client’s unique circumstances, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how Anderson Law Group, Inc.’s Advanced Client Services may benefit you and your family.


Family Office Services

Our Family Office services started when our clients asked us to assist them to provide solutions for the complexities involved in accumulating wealth, managing and maintaining wealth and successfully transitioning to the next generation.  We know your life can be busy and complicated. We provide assistance to our clients beyond their wealth transfer needs through our Family Office Services.

Every family is unique and we customize our services for your family needs.  In general, clients desire to create a family office to protect their wealth over generations, manage risk, assist with wealth transfers to the next generation, and manage the personal affairs of family members.

Setting up your family office usually starts by getting to know your family and listening to what your goals are for preservation and transfer of wealth, philanthropy, tax planning, risk management and lifestyle. While we are not financial advisors or CPAs, we help you build your team if needed, or spend time getting your existing advisors talking around the table sharing ideas on what is holistically best for your family.

A core practice of our Family Office Service is encouraging you to bring in the next generation of your family by hosting annual family meetings to share family hopes, dreams and goals.  All family meetings are customized but typically we share family goals or create a family mission statement, and review what you are comfortable sharing in the overall estate planning. We feel it is best to spend at minimum a half day with your family so they can feel engaged and part of the process of successful wealth transfer.

Family Philanthropy

Some Clients find themselves in a position to give charitably but may have questions regarding the best or most meaningful way to give their wealth to charities. Through the Advanced Client Services, Anderson Law Group, Inc. will counsel you on charitable planning options, including the various types of charitable trusts, donor advised funds, and private foundations, to find a method of giving that best suits your charitable giving goals. Family meetings may also be implemented in the charitable giving context, to help build a philanthropic passion in younger generations of your family.

Trusteeship Services

Administering a trust or estate can be a complicated process, especially when managing a large amount of assets, dealing with tax return deadlines, the marshalling and potential sale of assets, and managing communication amongst multiple beneficiaries. Sometimes Clients have a trusted advisor who will agree to serve as trustee of your trusts to handle such tasks. If you do not have such a trusted advisor in mind, however, then through the Advanced Client Services Anderson Law Group, Inc. will introduce you to various trust companies and professional fiduciaries to ensure your selection of the successor trustee of your trusts is not only qualified, but someone with whom you can build a good relationship as well.

Anderson Law Group, Inc. will also assist such trustees of trust established by Clients taking part in our Advanced Client Services to ensure the proper administration of the trusts you have put in place.

Concierge Lifestyle Services

Through our Family Office Services, we can assist clients make their day to day lives easier. We are happy to provide certain Concierge Lifestyle Services such as bill pay, payroll, private travel coordination, and certain real estate services.  We assist clients with the maintenance of their corporate entities which can be burdensome, and coordinate with their team of advisors regarding annual tax planning and monitoring of their financials.  While we do not manage financial assets or prepare tax returns, we can make tailored recommendations to key professionals and work together with our client's overall team of advisors so their estate is in harmony.  By doing so, it is our hope to make our clients’ lives less stressful, freeing up time so they may instead spend their days making great memories with their own family and friends.

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