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Anderson Law Group's approach to thoughtful Estate Planning

​At Anderson Law Group we work with our estate planning clients in a different light and capacity than most law firms.

We believe estate planning is dynamic. Creating an estate plan is a family and wealth planning objective that must be revisited often and amended when family, life and wealth goals and objectives  change.

We know that there is no one size fits all estate plan as every individual and family is different and has different objectives.

Thus, we spend time to get to know you, your family and partner.  Our time together is personal and we promise you will be satisfied with your extremely customized experience.

The goal of our estate planning system is to provide caring advice on how to transfer wealth from one generation to the next while meeting your unique family, life and wealth goals.  Of course, we do save families from excessive taxes as well as the expense, time and stress of court ordered decisions through probate. ​


What to Expect from Our Team & Planning Process

1. Getting to Know Each Other

We strive for life-long relationship with you. We invite you to partake in consultation with our team where we can get to know each other, listen to your goals and learn about your personal situation. We will also review any estate planning documents that you may have during this meeting.  It is best if you can complete our confidential personal information form and return it to us three days before our initial meeting so we are prepared and make the best use of our time together.

2. Designing Your Estate Plan

We work with you and together with any key advisors to create a custom tailored plan that meets your individual family goals and objectives. Our estate plans typically include a Revocable Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, Guardianship Nomination, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care Directive, Living Will and a HIPPA release. Our plans often use protective trusts and tax elimination strategies.  We carefully consider any business interests you own and merge your succession plan with your estate plan. We will coordinate any advanced and income tax planning with your CPA and wealth advisor.  Most importantly, we will walk you through the process and make it as simple and painless as possible for you.  We strive to timely complete your project and keep you informed along the way.

3. Review & Signing Ceremony

Once your legal documents are complete, we will review them with you in person in detail and make any refinements needed to ensure you have exactly the estate plan that fits your family’s goals and objectives. Once you are completely satisfied, you will legally execute your documents with our team.

4. Funding Your Trust

We want you to feel confident that your trust will be effective and work as we carefully planed. Our team and funding coordinator will review the process of transferring assets into your trust and properly naming beneficiaries.  This is a separate engagement and we will assist you in this process for a very reasonable fee.  Ensuring that your trust is properly funded will give you piece of mind that your thought and carefully designed estate plan will be ready to work when you and your loved ones need it.

5. Trust Maintenance

We like to think of ourselves as your family attorneys and someone you can call with any question or concern whether it is in our area of expertise or not.  To enable us to have a meaningful relationship with you, we have listened to the needs of our clients and created a trust maintenance plan called the Client Care Program.  This plan provides you with annual estate plan review, annual asset review, legal updates and unlimited communication within reason without the fear of getting a bill at our hourly rate.  When appropriate we encourage you to invite your team of advisors and adult children when the time is right to your annual meeting so we can continue to work together and provide education on any details of your plan you wish to share.


Trust Maintenance & Continuing Care

At Anderson Law Group, we believe estate planning should embrace all aspects of family, life and wealth planning.  As such, estate planning is a dynamic process and not a once in an lifetime experience.  We hope to start creating an estate with your family as it is growing and assist you throughout your lifetime.

At Anderson Law Group, we connect you with the right team of professional advisors, so that your family, life and wealth planning is synchronized. In addition, we have created estate plan maintenance programs, allowing you the opportunity to affordably review your life and wealth goals more often to ensure your estate plan includes current planning objectives and assets.  One of the most common reasons, estate plans fail is that plans are not up to date and assets are not accounted for in your plan.  Without proper, continued planning your estate plan is likely to fail because your plan is dated and assets are not owned properly in trust.

Anderson Law Group is dedicated to making estate planning concepts understandable and keeping plans up to date easy.  We host seminars on basic and advanced estate planning techniques, plans for young families, non-traditional planning, retirement planning, and tools for trustees.  In addition, we offer estate planning maintenance programs.  Ask us about our comprehensive estate planning maintenance program, "ALG Client Care Program." ALG Client Care membership gives you an affordable solution to ensure that your family’s life and wealth goals are executed.

Our Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning services are based around client goals, satisfaction and long-term relationships. We take the time to get to know you and your individual, family goals and wealth goals.  We then work with your unique situation in creating a comprehensive and custom estate planning for individuals, families and domestic partners.

Typically, an estate plan includes a revocable living trust, pour-over will, financial power of attorney, health care power of attorney, advance health care directive/living will and a HIPAA release.  We also often times create an irrevocable life insurance trust for life insurance proceeds and custom tailored lifetime trusts for your children and/or grandchildren.

We look forward to and take great pride in helping you and your family create a customized estate plan. Please contact us for a consultation where we will further discuss your family, life and wealth goals.

Our full estate planning services include the preparation of a series of the following documents:

Revocable and Irrevocable Family & Individual Trusts

Pour-Over Wills

Health Care Power of Attorneys

Health Care Living Wills (Advanced Health Care Directives) & HIPPA releases

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)

Financial Durable Powers of Attorneys

Family Limited Partnerships (FLP)

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRT)

Grantor Retained Annuity and Income Trusts (GRAT & GRIT)

 Tax Planning 

Gifting programs

Charitable Trusts

Asset protection



Post-mortem estate and tax planning

Representation of beneficiaries and fiduciaries including, if necessary, litigation

Probate, although we generally work to avoid probate

Trust and Estate Administration 

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