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Anderson Law Group’s business law services focus on Business Entity Planning, Corporate Compliance, Business Succession Planning, Contract and Transactional Review and Drafting and Business and Corporate Law.  We provide business law services to Orange County entrepreneurs as well as established small to medium size businesses.

Business Entity Planning: Choosing and Implementing the Best Legal Structure

Like the entrepreneur, each business is unique.  Anderson Law Group considers all personal and industry specifics, business goals and objectives before advising entrepreneurs or current business owners on a specific business legal entity.  We believe in team work with your business accountant and financial planner.  This way your family, life and wealth planning objectives are working in sync with one another.

We assist clients in understanding the tax and legal aspects of limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, Corporations (C, S and Professional Corporations) and sole proprietorships.

Please contact our office for a  consultation to determine which legal structure is best for you and your business.


Corporate Compliance: Maintenance & Review

At Anderson Law Group our relationship with you and your business does not end when your legal entity has been created.  Instead, our relationship has only just begun.  We continue to service your business’s annual legal corporate needs.

Ask us about our Business Compliance Program “Business Protect.”  We work with your business on an annual basis after your legal entity has been created, to make sure your business maintains proper records and keeps in compliance with annual federal and California state laws, protecting you and your business from potential legal issues in court. We also make sure that your business and personal goals are in sync with one another. Thus, we communicate with your entire team of professional advisors and make sure you have a complete snapshot of your business’s year end.


Business Succession Planning: Profiting from & Protecting your Business

At Anderson Law Group we help you create both a business and a personal plan for the unexpected and inevitable life events.  We help clients plan their business exit strategy in a smart, thoughtful and profitable manner.  Succession planning also includes assisting clients in planning for the unexpected.  We understand that small to medium sized business owners are vulnerable to unexpected circumstances such as a shareholder or member’s death, divorce, disability or need/opportunity to sell the business.

Anderson Law Group has experience and knowledge in assisting clients in properly tackling the legalities if any one of these circumstances occur.  We work closely with your trusted professional advisors in creating comprehensive business plans that work in harmony with your family, life and wealth planning objectives.


Contract & Transaction Counseling & Review

Anderson Law Group is here to counsel you before making important business decisions.  We help to shield you and your business from unexpected business events, the inevitable and liability.

We make sure that your contracts are comprehensive and legally solid.  Before taking on a new contract, employee or making any other significant business decision, make a complimentary business consultation.  We are here to make sure that your company makes the best business decisions.


Business & Corporate Law

At Anderson Law Group we pride ourselves on providing excellent, cost effective legal service to small and medium size businesses in Orange County.  We work with your objectives in mind while assisting you in all of your business law needs.

We assist businesses in negotiating and drafting the documents your company needs to succeed in today’s demanding business environment. We also represent you in court when needed.

We thoughtfully review, counsel and draft all business transaction documents including, but not limited to, the following documents:


Articles of Incorporation


Shareholder’s Agreements

Operating Agreements

Employment Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Employee Handbooks

Purchase Agreements

Corporate Stock Sales and Purchases

Buy-Sell Agreements

Arbitration Agreements

Mediation Clauses

Physician Specific Business Documents.

Vendor Agreements

We look forward to and take great pride in helping you and your business.  Please contact us for a business consultation so we can get to know each other and discuss your business goals and objectives.  We look forward to meeting you and assisting you.

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